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General Orthopedics

Hip Replacement in South Austin, TX

Dr. Joel H. Hurt is board-certified in orthopedic surgery and highly skilled in all areas of general orthopedics, including common hand surgery, total knee replacement, hip replacement, and general trauma. His specialized training is primarily in knee and shoulder surgery, including shoulder replacement.

Dr. Hurt is most passionate about PRE-joint replacement options or joint preservation surgery. This involves a myriad of techniques that all revolve around the concept of keeping or restoring back to normal as much of the "original equipment" as possible.

Dr. Hurt also handles sports medicine cases, especially knee and shoulder problems such as:

Dr. Joel H. Hurt of Texas Orthopedics offers you the convenience of requesting an appointment online or calling (512) 439-1001 to make an appointment at one of his two locations: Northwest Austin or Marble Falls, Texas. Contact us today.