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Shoulder pain can not only result in discomfort throughout your day, it can also greatly affect your ability to perform your normal activities, from grocery shopping to exercise to playing with your kids.

Dr. Joel H. Hurt of Texas Orthopedics specializes in treating shoulder pain, which may be caused by inflammation or injured tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles. Shoulder injuries can often result from repetitive use or overuse of the joint, exercise or contact sports, or heavy lifting at work.

If you’ve experienced severe damage to the shoulder, you may require shoulder arthroscopy, reconstructive shoulder surgery, or shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Hurt has extensive surgical experience, with a particular focus on arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure associated with less pain and quicker recovery times.

Overall, shoulder surgery can be effective in reducing pain and increasing movement and strength of the shoulder joint. It’s often recommended in combination with physical therapy to increase the rate and effectiveness of healing.

Common shoulder problems we treat:

Dr. Hurt at Texas Orthopedics in Austin specializes in shoulder surgery and has helped many patients return to their daily activities without pain. For a personalized plan to help treat your shoulder pain today, call (512) 439-1001 now or request an appointment online. You can see Dr. Hurt at our offices in Northwest Austin or Marble Falls, Texas.